James Kavanaugh
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Juan Barreto lit a candle on 12/23/2017: "Adiós amigo. Descansa."
Hubertlemurto Hubert Lemurto lit a candle on 12/22/2017: "carpe diem"
Hubertlemurto Hubert Lemurto lit a candle on 12/21/2017: "carpe diem"
NikodimKronov NikodimKronov lit a candle on 09/20/2017: "Всем привет! Кто-нибудь знает, как построить дом по канадской технологии?"
Allen Goldstein lit a candle on 07/12/2016: "No author or writings have so shaped my life and my feelings and provided me with solace when I most need it. RIP"
Catherine Ebagat lit a candle on 05/28/2016: "He was my penpal back in year 1986. I never meet him except his bok he sent. James Kavanaugh, May your soul R.I.P."
Dr. Bob Sadowski lit a candle on 03/06/2016: "Rev. James Kavanaugh was our commencement speaker at Sacred Heart High School in Flint, Mich. in 1964."
Sandra Zannis lit a candle on 05/08/2015: "Loved & enjoyed Jamie's friendship thru the years. He was a loving & supportive friend during difficult times."
Juan Barreto lit a candle on 12/18/2014: "I met in the winter of my life something of the works of James Kavanaugh."
Michigan Spartan lit a candle on 12/02/2014: "The best person I ever knew, your brother, Father Robert E. Kavanaugh. He too is missed."
Ellen Katske lit a candle on 06/26/2014: "Too Gentle broke me open and still informs the basis of my of humanity."
Sharon Collins lit a candle on 06/16/2014: "You are not gone, you are here in our hearts & minds. For me you were special. So I now introduce you to others."
ELISA ROBLEDO lit a candle on 02/18/2014: ":("
John Bachman lit a candle on 12/23/2013: "Coming up on 4 years since we lost you. Visiting this site and reading your poetry. Sweet sadness. Thanks."
Diane Faqir lit a candle on 12/18/2013: "One day in the darkness of my life I opened his poetry and drank the words of love. My life was saved."
Douglas Gifford lit a candle on 06/24/2013: "He provided prospective where none was found and questions who no one asked due to fear."
Martina B. lit a candle on 06/01/2013: "Your writings touched me like no other. I too am Catholic and you have helped me realize that it is ok to question."
Priscilla Mott lit a candle on 05/04/2013: "I shall always be grateful to James kavanaugh for giving me the courage to move forward in my life and to find myself."
Sandra Welty lit a candle on 03/13/2013: "Thankyou for everything you did to help me during my High School years. I wish I got to know you better"
Orlando Calderon Amaya lit a candle on 12/29/2012: "Han transcurrido mas de 40 años y la Iglesia Catolica no se ha renovado"
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